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The Warehouse Assistant plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of warehouse activities. They are responsible for managing inventory, organizing shipments, and maintaining accurate records to support the efficiency of the warehouse operations.

Key responsibilities:

Manage inventory control and ensure accurate stock levels.

Organize shipments and oversee shipping and receiving processes.

Maintain detailed records of inventory movements and transactions.

Collaborate with team members to solve logistical challenges and address issues promptly.

Adhere to accounting principles and practices for accurate financial tracking.

Understand and address business requirements to support warehouse operations effectively.

Demonstrate strong attention to detail in all warehouse activities.


High school diploma or equivalent.

Previous experience in warehouse operations preferred.

Skills & Competencies:

Attention to detail in inventory management and record-keeping.

Effective communication skills for coordinating with team members and external partners.

Problem-solving abilities to address logistical challenges and resolve issues.

Familiarity with accounting standards for accurate financial tracking.

Understanding of business requirements to support warehouse operations.

Proficiency in inventory control techniques and practices.

Strong organizational skills for efficient warehouse management.

Job Info:

Job Category: General Job Level: Entry Level

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